About me

Imagine a 14 year old teenager sitting in his bedroom and dreaming about being a newsreader on tv and radio. I was so committed to my dream so I bought the equipment from my summer job savings and started to broadcast at home. I did my show every day after school. Some days later our neighbours came over and asked me to share the broadcast with them too. This was the beginning of my show and the audience just grew.

Two years later I started to apply for radio stations. I went to all the interviews but nobody hired me. I did not give up. Finally, after the 10th attempt a small regional radio employed me as an intern. At the age of 17, my career got a boost. A year later I was hired to a television channel as an anchorman.

I got up early every day and went to the radio to broadcast my morning show, then attented classes at university in the day and for the evenings I was at the TV Studio presenting the evening news. I wanted to spread information first-hand.

About me

I love news and stories. Let me tell you one of mine. When I was 7 years old, I just started elementary school – I can still remember the taste of my mother’s handmade sandwiches – There was a career day and the teacher asked everybody about their parent’s occupation. Both of my parents were entrepreneurs and I couldn’t describe what they were doing for a living. I was so mad and ashamed that I told my mother “Why can’t you be a tailor or even a cashier so I could explain to everybody what you do?”

In hindsight I now realise how silly I was being. Back when I was 18 I had my dream job, whilst I attended university. In addition, I was planning my future career. I started to think about financial issues and big questions like where I am heading to.

That is the point where my father’s story comes in.

When I was 15 my father made a bad business decision which left us in a desperate situation. Everything was gone including family savings and the house. I remember those mornings when only me and my brother had breakfast. My parents had to count every penny just to survive. This went on for years. It seemed like decades that we lived hand to mouth from one day to another with no hope for a better future.

One day my father got a phone call from a businessman. He wanted to meet him in Austria. Unfortunately, my parents did not have enough money to drive there, so my father had to ask him if there is a possibility he come to Budapest and meet up there. The Austrian businessman turned up the next day. He shared a business concept which was supposed to be a new hit in the market. He said that it will be the biggest international cooperation and everyone will be interested. He said, those who join him and build this business could have a nice income passively. He looked at my father in the eyes and said: “If you say yes, I will establish the company and you can start tomorrow.” Everyone told him to be cautious and pay attention to this business and not to act preposterously.

But by the time I got to 19 or 20 realised that I couldn’t make ends meet and I had no free time. It was harsh to find out there wasn’t much money in my dream. I had a very-very long talk with my father, examined it deeply and got into the business 6 years after him. Thereby I could continue my dream job and got into entrepreneurship. For me these were the golden ages, I could follow my dream, had proper money and I was my own boss.

However, in 2011 I had to make a very hard decision. If I wanted to take it to the next level I had to move out of the borders of my country. I couldn’t juggle both with this and my media career, so I had to quit my 9 to 5 jobs. I started travelling – a lot – so I could help more people achieve financial freedom.

As a businessman in the UK I felt that as an Eastern-European I had a huge drawback. My accent pulled me back and native speakers didn’t take me seriously so I took elocution lessons. Everything takes sacrifices but at the same time everything is possible if you hold onto your goals. If you have purpose you can achieve anything, you are the creator of your own world.

I had everything: happy family, converging team, stable income, developing living standards. I was in the company’s Top 3 achievers, everybody looked up to me. I felt unique, I was on an ego trip, nothing can happen because I’m the best. Do you know the story of Icarus? The moral of the story is basically you can fall BIG from the top. In 2015 troubles came. I got betrayed, ripped-off, scammed in the middle of building a new house, a home for my two little kids. Yet again everything seemed to fall apart. I did not understand why life was giving me lemons. I started to point fingers, blame others, wondered where did everything go.

I needed to go deep down, I looked into the mirror and said to myself that this isn’t what was written for me. I started developing my personality and had to realise that all of it was my fault and I am fully responsible and only I can change the situation. I changed my mindset and set aside my ego because I wanted to show light to others who were in my shoes and simply just wanted to grow. I thought that if I achieved great things once, I can do that again and on a higher level. You shouldn’t focus on income at first, but find a project where you can help not only yourself, but others as well.

As I approached people in another way everything seemed to change. One day to the next, results came along with success and I had to realise this was a lesson from life for me to change for the better. I am grateful for all the misadventures and the ill-wishers who caused this because without them and all these experiences I couldn’t have taken my business to a higher level. Thanks to this I could have built an empire in 47 countries with 2,000,000+ members. My enterprise achieved over £1,000,000 in income before I turned 30 – an income that’s coming even while I sleep and dream about a brighter future.

My main goal today is to prove that with me and my team’s help it can be achieved by you too!