Choose Freedom!

Do you fancy working 9 to 5 for 40 years?

Have you ever thought of how you could earn double or triple of your current salary? If you join our Above Average Program, I will show you how you could reach your goals more easily! I know, it is hard to set high goals when you are on an average salary. Let me widen your eyesight. In the last 10 years I showed more than 1,000,000 people how to achieve their dreams.
It is your turn now!


My name is Daniel and I would like to offer you the possibility of an extraordinary life!

I remember those times when my parents had no money to put food on the table for themselves. During university I kept thinking “Did I really study for 15 years only to get an average salary? Should I be satisfied with that for the next 40 years?”

So I started to look for other opportunities and I realised that if I did not change my mindset I could never achieve real success in life. Thanks to that, I earned my first million before the age of 28!


Without change nothing changes!

Gergics Dániel

What is your excuse?

“I don’t have time for that”

This is the main problem for all of us. My mother always says “You have time for things you want to have time for.” How true is that! If something is really important, it is pretty sure you will find time for it. Ask this question from yourself: Is freedom important enough for me? If it is, put time into achieving it!

“I will not succeed with this!”

With this attitude, of course it won’t work. This reaction is not your fault. In childhood we were kept too safe and were either told not to do things because we might get hurt or we were simply told: No, you are not capable of doing that! So this way it’s an evolved defending mechanism which was translated to your brain as “Let’s leave it!”.
However if you are not ready to change, don’t be surprised if you end up living a mediocre life.

“I am not lucky!”

I used to believe that without luck there is no chance. However, I had to realise that without doing things differently, luck never comes. I worked out a winning formula which can help you attract luck much more easily!

“I am not an entrepreneur type of person.”

I do not believe in traditional businesses any more. Therefore the old entrepreneurial behaviour doesn’t apply here either. Luckily in our busy world there are more opportunities to choose of. If you join my event, you will learn about a simple idea where all your income is based on something that everyone does, every single day.
“We do not sell anything, but getting paid for everything”. Is it too good to be true? Join my event and check it for yourself!

Dani - repülő

If you say yes to the following questions it is definitely for you:

  • Do you want to earn more?
  • Are you bored of your daily life?
  • Do you ever wish, you’d find something innovative?
  • Have you ever thought: “Damn, why did I not invent this?”
  • Money or time? Would you like a bit more of both?
  • Would you like to extend your bucket list with some tropical destinations?
  • Are you ready to invest some time into your future financial freedom?


Three things helped me!



No-brainer, everyone does it without thinking.



You do what you love, but with your friends and family.



If there is a common goal, all your goals become achievable.

Gergics Dani

Why register now?

Because probably you do not want to work for 40 years only to wonder how you will enjoy your years of retirement.
I hope you are still reading these lines because you want to live an extraordinary life! The older we are the more we realise how quickly time flies. Without change nothing changes. If you are ready to change and create a life you deserve click here for your ticket and learn more!

Are you still not convinced?

Read what others say!


I heard about this program in the spring of 2018. I felt so privileged to have been introduced to it and I didn’t want to miss my chance. It allowed me to be part of something enormous and fascinating that makes my life and the life of others easier and more colourful day by day.


I always dreamt of a workplace where I could work with like-minded people, and not least my salary would be higher than the average. I found it with this Programme. Although this is not a workplace, this is a lifestyle. The people who I am surrounded by, have innovative minds and we support each other to reach our goals. I have been doing it for 2 years now and I never want to stop because it does not feel like work at all. More like fun!


Right before I met this program I was very unsatisfied with my life. I had a flat work and had no opportunities for advancement. I felt empty and had the urge to change but I didn’t have the courage to do something different. When my uni mate showed me what this program was exactly about, I knew I could reach the goals, I set myself a long time ago. Since then, I have been able to work on my future more efficiently and I realised, I am much better at other areas of life too. I gained lots of confidence, which was not possible at my workplace. I have much more time for myself and for those who I love and last but not least, my standard of living has significantly increased. I am a different person!


I do my work with faith and confidence. I feel alive and a new, energetic me was born with this business.


First and foremost, I would like to say how grateful I am to this opportunity for bringing a new amazing friend into my life.
Not only that but from the first moment, I felt that if there was ever anything I had to say YES to, without hesitation, this was it!
Finally, something where I don’t have to buy or sell anything for development, progress and freedom. Just need to put the opportunity in front of people that they either recognize and take on or not.
The type of professional support, inspiration that I am given right now, and self-motivation I feel, I never received during my sports career.
I have never liked mediocrity…now I’ve got what I wanted! Something extra special.

What does President Freedom give you?

More time
More time
More Freedom
More Freedom
International enterprise
International enterprise
More income
More income