Bulletpoints of becoming an influencer

2019. 05. 13. 11:00

In the previous blog post I was talking about what makes a really good influencer. This time I collected some basic information what are the most important points to keep the interest.

Let’s see some tips and tricks on how to make a successful influencer campaign:

  1. Mark every piece of advertisement:
    Let’s say you agreed on five posts of paid content. If you signed an influencer to create five posts next month, you can’t just have them disclose that you’re working together in the first post and not the other four. You must and should for both legal and marketing purposes.
  2. Check each paid post.
    Although this cooperation is based on trust you should keep an eye on your investment. Don’t assume that just because you asked the influencer to put #sponsored in their Instagram caption that they’re actually doing it. Review each paid piece of content and make sure they’ve noted that they’re being compensated. Otherwise you put your brand at risk.
  3. Be #creative
    Don’t spam your fans with boring stuff such as #ad.  The Federal Trade Commission has stated that there are many ways for influencers to mark branded partnerships. Generally, people hate ads or at least don’t care for them, they ignore them. There is even a phrase for it in psychology’s, particularly perception. It’s called shape blindness and basically stands for that you learn that you know that banners and billboards show ads and you just ignore them. People don’t like ads mainly because they are annoying and don’t offer any real content. That is why I said before to having added value is crucial. Believe me, your visitors will thank you and will not bounce off. You should use partners, ambassadors and such instead of advertisement. Create a conversation, a community, offer enjoyment, pull them it instead of push-push-push.

Influencer marketing is here and will stay. Maybe your competitors have already realised and taking advantage on social media. It would be a pity to miss out the chance.

Here’s some tips and best practices:
  • Do research – browse networks, profiles, use it organically to understand your audience and even find your brand’s perfect ambassador. You don’t have to rely on agencies who even get a cut after every successful partnership.
  • Reach out – Just go and send a DM or e-mail.
  • Negotiate wise
  • Track your partnership