What would you say if you were there in 1958 when the idea of replacing cash with bank card came to life? How about you could be there participating in building the system and spreading the word?

Today, Visa have 1,700 shopping transactions happening per second . Let’s stop for a minute and imagine you made one percent on each transaction while reading these words. Back then no one thought of sharing it with everyday people. Only the chosen few had the opportunity. Now that we are more global and mobile than ever there are no barriers to it. I have a tool.


In my business you can have shares of

13 000 000+

people's everyday expenses.

I personally acquire shares of 2,000,000 people’s spending from 47 countries in 400,000 shops. Do you think people stop doing their grocery shopping while you spend a month of vacation on the Maldives? The business I’m building with my key leaders across the globe enables everyday people to save money every month but I’m looking for those who want to earn money while helping others to save.

Do you fancy sports? Are you a fan of InterMilan, or MotoGP? Do you have a favourite football club or are you more into motor sports? Do you know anyone who adores, certain sports clubs? Crazy fans would do anything to help their loved clubs. Our business model helps sport clubs to be more independent only by their fans. For example, every time … fans go shopping with their Cashback App I make money. So do the clubs and so could you.

For example, if 1,000,000 fans spend just €200 a month that’s two million euros income in a month for the club. I think you get the idea now. 😊

Our aim is to give an opportunity to anyone who wants to achieve more in life and regrets the fact that they were not given any opportunities in life which could give them the freedom of choice.

Where are you right now?

Maybe you are here today because you feel hopeless and just can’t find the right way to change your life. Are you are bored with your 9 to 5 job and you feel like a robot doing the same things over and over every day? You possibly can’t see any perspectives in your future. Maybe you are just simply fed up that life did not throw better opportunities at you. You may be sitting here today as a parent and thinking how am I going to juggle being a parent
and doing your profession. Or maybe you are running multiple businesses and making very good money. But when you think about your free time. No, you would rather not think about that. Because you’ve got NONE. 

Where do you want to be?

Imagine, that over here you developed a business that you love, a business which gives you freedom and power. Here you can afford to go to the gym every day and look after yourself. Have time for yourself! Imagine that you can spend a whole day with your kids without doing any work. Imagine that the dream house you printed and put on the fridge becomes reality. Because you can afford to build THE ONE you dreamt about and furnish it the same way you imagined. You hate winter but you don’t want to wait until summer comes. So, imagine that you have a life where you can jump on a plane at any time and find summer.

If this is where you are, and this is where you want to be, I think you would agree that you need a new strategy! Here you not only know that you make money while lying on the beach, here you know that you are building an empire, you are building a legacy!

Now for the techy people:


Vision - Mission

Shopping: up to 5% cashback (CB) + shopping points (SP) after every transaction

2 ways to make money

  1. You build your shopping network where people save money and collect shopping points and you make money after every SP created in your entire organisation. The more shopping points created each month the higher your income.
  2. Do you know anyone who would love to make money passively while millions of people do their shopping? Is that maybe you? Here’s an opportunity without necessarily recruiting other people to get a share of global projects which could grow to the size of visa today. The only thing required is to do shopping on your daily necessities without restricting any brands or type of products. But I’m sure that many of your friends would be interested in this option which would highly increase your potential passive income.