Influencerism first of all

2019. 05. 13. 09:00

Influencerism became the Higgs-Boson of marketing. It was always there but it’s more than important now that it has a generally adopted name. Actually it has many names:


It has quite a buzz around it. Let’s dig into the numbers to see it clearer how recent is that.


The most related questions:

  • Who are the influencers?
  • How to become Instagram influencer?
  • How to become a Youtube influencer?
  • What is Amazon influencer program?

Nowadays everyone wants be an influencer. Actually it has and had many names such as Opinion Leader or Key Opinion Leader (KOL). Many call themselves influencers but only few do marketing activity well. For me an influencer is who’s page, profile or channel I land on, require some time and full filled with relevant value and information.

IAB Hungary’s research in October 2018 led to a well-crafted definition:

“Influencer is a person who can make impact in the media with it’s own surface and community and can speak as a brand cooperation.”

I think this value what I was talking about before can be either information and amusement. But being a life-coach and healthy-living influencer is a little more than reading 4 blog posts about fitness and nice body. It’s more about real-life successes, something to back his or her competences and know-how about the topic. It needs day-to-day learning and keeping up with the trends. Moreover being an authentic and trustworthy influencer is about opinion not just “I’m sitting here at the city’s biggest famous café using my favourite fancy makeup.”

Many celebrities and wannabes are out there who would #advertise anything, although understand nothing. If the comments, messages remain unanswered the influencer doesn’t do his or her work correctly. The aim is to create conversation about the product or service. There is this huge hype around influencers and many think that this is an easy job and everyone can do it with an internet connection and a social media account making a fortune just because they post and smile.

In my next blog post I share you some important movements of how to capture the attention and be a fascinating and meaningful influencer.