Save money, save the planet

According to the Ecological Footprint, one of the best ways to lower your impact on the resources of the earth is to buy less, work smart, live in smaller places, so, essentially enjoy the non-material things. Let’s find out how you do that!

These hints, tips will help you to save your life energy-adding money to your bank account and years to your life. The next bit of good news is that this process benefits our planet as well.

If you do something good for one, it’s almost always good for the others too.

If you walk or bicycle to work to reduce your contribution to greenhouse gases you are also saving money and getting great exercise at the same time. If you compost your kitchen scraps to improve your environment, you are also improving the quality of your vegetables and your health, and saving money on your garbage bill.

Saving money may save your life and save the earth at the same time.

It isn’t just an odd coincidence that saving money and saving the planet are connected. In fact, in some sense your money is your planet.

Money is a “lien” on earth’s resources. Every time we spend money on anything, we are consuming not only the metal, plastic, wood or other material in the item itself, but also all the resources it took to extract these from the earth.

Such as transport them to the manufacturer, process them, assemble the product, ship it to the retailer and bring it from the store to your home.

All of that activity and cost is somehow included in the spent money.

If you want to find out how to save money while saving the earth, many good and useful books are available, or you can get a job that could support it. The key is remembering that anything that you buy and don’t use, anything you throw away, anything you consume and don’t enjoy is money out the window, and these are also wasting your life energy and wasting the finite resources of the planet.

Any waste of your life energy means more hours lost to the rat race, “making a dying.” If you have no time in your life to enjoy the fruits of your labour. Perhaps what you need isn’t another time management or life course, but a new perspective.

Don’t stop here in your ultimate lifestyle change, be smart, save money and save the Earth.

This is what President Freedom does.


“When we talk about preservation of the environment, it is relate to many other things. Ultimately, the decision must come from the human heart, so I think the key point is to have a genuine sense of universal responsibility.” – The Dalai Lama


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