We Care

Social responsibility is crucial for us.

Our mission is to give back to society. We would like to raise awareness to inequalities in the world. Children are always the future. Humanity’s future lies in the hands of today’s youth. We think and act global. We help kids who weren’t born as fortunate as others.

Our goal is to provide education and what is even important opportunities to learn and develop as a person. To create a safe and supporting environment.

We Care

San Roque Elementary School is in the south of the Philippine island of Leyte and has currently 450 pupils. The school premises consist of individual, ground level buildings. These were largely in a state of disrepair because the buildings were never maintained. With cracked concrete floors, leaking roofs, defective fans and unbearable heat in the classrooms, broken toilets and a lack of washing rooms, the entire premises were also far from an ideal learning environment for the pupils and teachers.

Through the effort and hard work my team provide these people get continuous education and one hot meal every day.

To create an attractive learning environment, the 16 classrooms were given a bright design with friendly colours. In addition, all classrooms were equipped with new furniture, with bookshelves, blackboards and school utensils. All rooms were given new windows, doors, ceilings and floors, new ventilation, and a toilet was installed for each classroom.

The washing facilities, the utility rooms, the stage and the entirely outdated canteen were modernised. The outdoor facility was redesigned, and the dangerous cracked paths were eliminated. The school clinic for first aid treatment of minor injuries was newly equipped and the previously lacking conference room for teachers was set up.

Mathematics and science should be taught using modern teaching materials. The missing computerized teaching could be realized through the implementation of a computer room. In addition, a library was built. For courses such as agriculture, nutrition and health, better child-friendly equipment was provided. Teachers also received additional training opportunities.